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Het grote bedrog van vrijmetselaar en president Harry S. Truman en oecumenisch 'Patriach' Athenagoras; de agent van Amerika...

From 1932 to 1948, the date of his elevation to the Ecumenical throne, Athenagoras was Orthodox Archbishop of America. [Athenagoras was de Orthodoxe Patriarch in Amerika]

President Truman, a personal friend of Athenagoras, is known to have pressed him to accept the Patriarchate as a step towards Christian unity in the face of Communism. (The day I was received by him the Patriarch had three books by Truman on the desk in his private study.)
[Truman en Athenagoras waren goede vrienden van mekaar.]

Bron: The Tablet - Page 5, 11th January 1964



The Orthodox Institute

On November 1, 1948, Athenagoras was elected Ecumenical Patriarch. On January 26, 1949 he would fly to his new home in Air Force One (then called the Sacred Cow), lent to him by President Truman. Some have speculated that this was a signal that the American government somehow approved of Athenagoras' election or had been involved in pushing his candidacy.

Dus, Athenagoras werd met het presidentiële vliegtuig van Amerika naar Istanboel overgevlogen!

Vergelijk dit met Ayatollah Khomeini!
De terugkeer van Khomeini uit Parijs (Teheran, 1 februari 1979).
Khomeini wordt door de piloot van het Air France toestel de trap af geholpen.


Then in October 1958, John XXIII was elected. Three months into his pontificate he announced the convocation of an Ecumenical Council: Vatican II. The world was shocked, including the Orthodox world. No one knew what to expect. Athenagoras would respond by sending Archbishop Iakovos ( who was on his way to enthronement as primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese 1 April 1959) to Rome to meet Pope John.

Was het tweede Vaticaans Concilie toeval? Werden we bedrogen???

On March 17, the two would meet. It was the first meeting between a representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Bishop of Rome since May 1547. One month later, a representative of the Pope would be in Constantinople meeting Athenagoras (Stormon p. 9).

One of the great issues was whether or not the Orthodox Churches would send observers to Vatican II. We did not send them to the session in 1963. But after regular contacts with the Orthodox churches, we agreed to send observers to the third and fourth sessions in 1964 and 1965 respectively.

We shouldn't underestimate the significance of these times and moments. Two churches had not only been separated sine 1054, there had been no formal contact in over 400 years. In 1963, Pope Paul wrote a handwritten letter to Patriarch Athenagoras. The last time this had been done was in 1584 when Pope Gregory XIII informed Patriarch Jeremiah II about reform of the calendar (Stormon, p. 9).

By 1963 the contacts between Rome and Constantinople were becoming more and more regular. It was time for the heads of the Churches to meet - to look at one another, reminiscent Athenagoras' early years.

In Decemeber of that year, Pope Paul announced that he would visit the Holy Land in early 1964. Athenagoras, announcing the news in Constantinople stated that is would be an act of divine providence if the heads of the Churches could meet in Jerusalem to pray together at the Holy Sites. On January 5, 1964 Athenagoras and Paul VI would meet on the Mount of Olives.

Emotions ran high. Letters between the Pope and Patriarch continually express the joy of the meeting. A real breakthrough had been made. There were Orthodox observers at Vatican II, including Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh, a young priest at the time.

Over the next year, delegations from the two sides studied the matter and concluded that the anathemas of 1054 were not acts excommunicating churches from one another, but individuals [Dat is na 1.000 jaar dan nog maar de vraag...].

These acts could be overturned or as the Orthodox decree of 7 December 1965 would put it, "remove them from the memory of the Church." Simultaneously in Rome, Paul VI did the same. While we should not underestimate its effect. Neither did Athenagoras or Pope Paul VI. The joint declaration includes these words: "Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I together with his Synod are aware that this gesture, expressive of justice and mutual forgiveness, cannot be sufficient to put an end to the subjects of difference ancient or more recent, which still exist between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church..." (Stormon, p. 128).

Bron: The Orthodox Institute



"Greek Americans: Struggle and Success" door Peter C. Moskos & Charles C. Moskos

Athenagoras zei dat Truman door God gezonden was. Niet slecht voor een vrijmetselaar!

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